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To find out what districts you're in for 2023 and beyond, go to, and enter your name, birth year and month, and zip code. SOS will tell you your congressional district, state senate and house district, county commission district, and more.

  1. WORK WITH OAKLAND COUNTY COMMISSIONER CHARLIE CAVELL (Oakland County Commission District 19): Come to our Sunday 9:00 a.m. virtual meetings to learn more about what your County government is up to AND take part in creating policy change that you would like to see in our community! This is both a town hall and policy crafting seminar!

    If you're interested in participating and being heard please email to get connected to our chief of staff.

    See you Sunday at 9am!

    947-500-1144  County Email:

  2. Communicate with our United States Senators:

  3. Communicate with our​ United States Representatives:

    • John James, Republican: District 10 (Southwestern Macomb County and Rochester Hills and Rochester). Phone: 202-225-4961  Contact

    • Haley Stevens​, Democrat: District 11 (All of southeastern Oakland County except Southfield, Lathrop Village, Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms, Rochester Hills, Rochester and parts of Novi). Phone: 202-225-8171  Contact:

    • Rashida Tlaib, Democrat: District 12 (Southfield, Lathrop Village, Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms and parts of Detroit). Phone: 202-225-5126  Contact:

  4. Communicate with our State Senators:

    • Stephanie Chang, Democrat: District 3 (Madison Heights, Hazel Park, Highland Park, Hamtramck, parts of Clawson, Royal Oak, Warren, Troy, Sterling Heights and Detroit). Phone: 517-373-7346 Email: 

    • Jeremy Moss, Democrat: District 7 (Pleasant Ridge, Southfield, Lathrup Village, Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township, Pontiac, Auburn Hills, Beverly Hills, and parts of Waterford Township and Detroit). Phone: 517-373-7888 Email: 

    • Mallory McMorrow, Democrat: District 8 (Birmingham, Berkley, Huntington Woods, Oak Park, Ferndale, Royal Oak Township, Pleasant Ridge, parts of Beverly Hills, Clawson, Royal Oak, and Detroit). Phone: 517-373-2523.  Email: 

    • Michael Webber, Republican: District 9 (Rochester Hills, Rochester, Utica and parts of Troy, Sterling Heights, Shelby Township, and Oakland Township).  Phone: 517-373-1773. Email: 

  5. Communicate with our State Representatives:
  6. Communicate with our County Commissioners:

    • Dave Woodward, Democrat, District 1 (Portions of the cities of Birmingham, Royal Oak, and Troy). Phone: 248-296-5033. Email:

    • Penny Luebs, Democrat: District 2 (The City of Clawson, and portions of the cities of Royal Oak and Troy). Phone: 248-639-8836. Email: 

    • Gary McGillivray, Democrat: District 3 (The cities of Hazel Park and Madison Heights, and portions of the City of Troy). Phone 248-589-9207 Email: 

    • Brendan Johnson, Democrat: District 4 (The City of Auburn Hills, and portions of the City of Rochester Hills): Phone: 248-858-0100 Email:

    • Michael Spisz, Republican: District 5 (Addison and Oxford townships, the City of Rochester, the villages of Leonard and Oxford, and portions of Oakland Township and the City of Rochester Hills). Phone 248-705-8634 Email:  

    • Michael Gingell, Republican: District 6 (Orion Township, the Village of Lake Orion, and portions of Oakland Township and the City of Rochester Hills). Phone: 248-858-0100. Email:

    • Angela Powell, Democrat: District 9 (Portions of Bloomfield Township and the City of Pontiac) Phone: 248-214-6395. Email:

    • Kristen Nelson, Democrat: District 10 (The cities of Keego Harbor and Sylvan Lake, portions of Waterford and West Bloomfield townships, and portions of the City of Pontiac) Phone: 248-425-8132.  Email:

    • Marcia Gershenson, Democrat: District 11 (The cities of Bloomfield Hills and Orchard Lake, and portions of Bloomfield and West Bloomfield townships). Phone 248-808-1032. Email:

    • William Miller, Democrat: District 16 (The City of Farmington, and portions of the City of Farmington Hills) Phone:  248-496-6961 Email:

    • Yolanda Smith Charles, Democrat: District 17 (The cities of Lathrup Village and Oak Park, Royal Oak Township, and portions of the City of Southfield) Phone: 248-807-4863 Email:

    • Janet Jackson, Democrat: District 18 (Southfield Township, the villages of Franklin, Bingham Farms, and Beverly Hills, and portions of the City of Southfield) Phone: 248-910-6035 Email: 

    • Charlie Cavell, Democrat: District 19 (The cities of Berkley, Ferndale, Huntington Woods, and Pleasant Ridge, and portions of the cities of Birmingham and Royal Oak) Phone 947-500-1144 Email:

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